About the Artist

Katerina Pravda artist headshot Toronto, Canada.JPG

Katerina Pravda is a contemporary figurative artist working and living in Toronto, Canada. Her work is split into a unique duality. The Introspection Collection features bold, color-infused portraiture that looks into the human self-perception as it is expressed visually. She is particularly intrigued by the natural charm and magnetic radiance that each face compels, while in the state of experiencing complex emotions and deep thought. The Beings Collection features black and white surrealist ink works that are occasionally graced by bursts of watercolor. There, Katerina portrays animal species and the human race as one unified being, in an effort to create a paradigm shift in the way that we see and treat animals. Her work highlights endangered species that are rapidly vanishing, allowing for crucial discussion to surface, in order to progress the vital and urgent need for animal rights, protections, and their conservation.

Katerina's other series of art, whether in oil, watercolor, graphite, ink, or mixed media, all feature similar themes, with a combination of animals, people, and the environment, as they relate and connect to one another.  She passionately believes that we are all creatures of this earth who share unifying ties through our innate inter-connectivity.

Katerina received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction in 2013 from Mount Allison University, Canada's top undergraduate university. She also studied abroad at the University of Newcastle Australia, as part of an international exchange. Since then, Katerina has exhibited in over 30 group shows and 4 solo shows, being frequently featured in online collections and magazines. In 2015, Katerina won the prestigious Murray Jacob Clerkson Award for her outstanding artistic merit and proven contribution to the arts community. See her work in recent publications of WotisArt Magazine, Vine Leaves Literary Journal, the covers of 3Elements Literary Review and Junto Magazine's Special Poetry Edition, as well as features in Bored Panda, South 85 Online Literary Journal, Junto Magazine, and as the month of September in the 2019 Multifaith Calender.